Social Responsibility

KSL takes its role in the communities within which it operates very seriously. Many of KSL's investments involve a large physical presence within the local community and its hotels, resorts, clubs, ski areas and other operations are often significant local employers as well as important tourist attractions that help drive the local economies. In addition to this, KSL often invests heavily in the businesses it acquires. These investments attract new customers that help spur local economies and also create new amenities for local residents to enjoy. 


Environmental Responsibility

Being environmentally responsible has perhaps never been more important. From updating their sources of energy usage to be more efficient, to conservation programs, to encouraging their members and guests to be more energy efficient, KSL is committed to helping its businesses be environmentally responsible. In addition, KSL is committed to protecting the environment for future generations to enjoy. An example of this would be our investment in Squaw Valley, where we are currently exploring ways to restore Squaw Creek, a natural creek whose path was altered decades ago.